Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Slacking again

I am so behind on here. Oh where to begin? Ava is liking preschool for the most part. She is still being an awesome big sister! Emi is getting bigger everyday. She's on the 80th% for weight and wearing 9 month clothes already. We had a good thanksgiving and are preparing for xmas. I'll update if I ever find the time in this crazy house :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2 month check up

Miss Emi had her two month check up today. She weighs a whopping 10 lbs 12 oz. and is 22 inches long. I was for sure she would weigh more than that. She did pretty good with her three shots :(. When Ava got her shots, she was just tired. Emi has been soooo fussy. It's like she's a different baby. I hope she starts to feel better soon.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

second child syndrome

Well, Emi has it, second child syndrome anyway. I was so on top of things with Ava- pictures, baby book, video camera. Poor Miss Emi won't have all of those things. I do take pictures (not as many as Ava- I think she had a photo album just of her birth alone). I haven't gotten any developed to put in the photo album. I think I have gotten to the family tree part of the baby book, I haven't even thought of birth announcements (Ava's was out within the first week), and she has yet to make an appearance on the video camera (does it make it a little better that I recorded little clips on my camera?) I hope she doesn't feel less loved when she gets older. I'm trying to make up the difference with lots of squeezes and kisses. Maybe someday I'll get everything caught up. So if anyone got us a gift or card, a thank you and picture are in the future for you :). I just don't know what part of the future :).
On a side note, I remember telling some of my work friends after having Ava that I didn't want to have anymore kids because I didn't think it was possible to love another baby as much as I did Ava. Oh how wrong I was!!!! My heart aches I love her so much! I know I have said it before but everything we went through and every scare was so worth it, and I would do it one hundred times over again to get her. God hand picked her just for me!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I thought I would give a little update. I'm still home-thank goodness. I saw the plastic surgeon a couple of weeks ago. She wanted me to come back in another 6 weeks to see if I will heal some more. All I can say is that this whole experience has been difficult from beginning to end, from the pregnancy, labor, and post partum period. Every second has been worth it. I would do it all twice over again for my little love.
I haven't been very good about taking pictures, videos, and recording things in her baby book as I was with Ava. I feel so bad for that, but hopefully I will redeem myself once Ava starts preschool.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Finally Home!

Well, I finally got to come home! As soon as they gave me the word, I was dressed and ready to go in no time. Even more exciting, I didn't have to get a PICC line which was originally planned. Just oral antibiotics for this girl.
When I got home, Ava wouldn't talk to me. She was mad at me for being gone so long. That didn't last long. Now she won't leave my side :). I think Emi got longer and chubbier since I saw her last :). I'm still pretty sore, but soooo glad to be home. The only thing that isn't going so well is pumping. I can usually pump 4oz every 3 hours. Now I'm down to just under an ounce every 2 hours. I'm drinking enough water that I should be floating away. I just hope it picks back up soon. I won't be able to nurse for almost two weeks. I hope I don't struggle getting her used to nursing again.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hopefully on the mend

Well, I just got back from my ultrasound. To my surprise, they did surgery right after the ultrasound. I didn't have time to call anyone or think about it, so it was good all around. I couldn't worry and my family couldn't worry either. They found three more abscesses and removed what they could. Hopefully just a couple more days of IV antibiotics and then (fingers crossed) home bound. On a side note, I keep hearing from my ob/gyn and the breast surgeon how many women they have been seeing with this same situation. The surgeon said that I was her fourth woman this month- crazy, huh?!